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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 31 May 2009 12:36

STALLION FOUR - Rock'n'roll !!!

SMP Records - 2009

Another release from that cool swedish label that is definitely decided to help the local bands... and considering the numbers of quality bands in Sweden, I doubt they'll soon be workless... This is the third label release, and this time, on vinyl, as a 7"EP, limited to 500 copies. Musically, this doesn't much have to see with the previous ones (IN SOLITUDE, DIE HARD), 'cos STALLION FOUR is nothing but an exploding Rock'N'Roll band taking influences from bands like AC/DC, AEROSMITH, ROSE TATOO, a bit of MOTÖRHEAD (who doesn't when it comes to Rock'n'roll ?), GUNS N ROSES and others like LYNYRD SKYNYRD, TED NUGENT... See what I mean ? Well, nothing highly original if you're looking for innovative stuff, but something really fresh & kick ass, that smells beers, girls, whiskey & parties, HELL YEAH ! Throughout the 4 songs of the EP, you can easily feel the adrenalin flowing and the will to bang the head growing ! That's hard driven Rock with vocals reminding by times of Angry ANDERSON (ROSE TATOO) and also of Hell HOFER (BULLET - another top swedish band !) - "Devil In Me" & "Burn" with their catchy refrains are kicking ass songs, "The train" brings an almost bluesy atmosphere with its slower rythmic and nice guitar parts... To end the EP is "Tied Up" which bring us back to headbanging mania ! My only regret is that this is "only" a 7"EP and four songs are not enough so the band is definitely EXCELLENT in the genre !!!

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