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WITCHCURSE "Demon's Warning" Cass-EP
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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 27 June 2009 10:08

Shit ! Who's this band ? If I didn't know, I'd have bet it is another obscure NWOBHM band that never got the deserved recognition ! Damn, another killer band I have missed in the early days ??? NO.. I'm wrong and good news, the band is indeed active and from the ages of the band members, no doubt there's still time for some more material, which is just great 'cos this band has a very good potential ! Started in 2005, the greek WITCHCURSE delivers here 4 songs & one cover as a cassette-EP through portugal based label HEREGE WARFARE Productions. 4 songs in the pure old-school heavy-metal style, heavily NWOBHM oriented... something that brings you back to the glorious days of ANGEL WITCH, very early IRON MAIDEN, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, RAVEN...
Each song is very well-structured with always that little something to catch your attention, like some choirs or memorable twin guitar parts there, galloping rythmics, instrumental breaks & clear vocals there ! They play HEAVY METAL as this should have always been played could say the die-hard & older maniacs like me, hehe !!! The production is definitely not the best ever - I mean the guys surely don't give a fuck about the most modern studio-recording technologies, but no matter, this is how the production for such a type of music should sound : raw but clear & harsch at times ! The bass lines are ahead of the other instruments but they really give more impact & power to the music - on this point this makes me really think of the very early IRON MAIDEN recordings ("Soundhouse Tapes" or "Metal For Muthas") when one could hear that leading bass guitar with that distinctive sound. As for the cover, the guys chose "Hit And Run" by UK's SATANIC RITES - which comes very close to the original version with maybe a rougher sound - they really respected the essence of the original version and for sure, this is a good cover ! So if you're looking for a "back-to-the-roots" release & very NWOBHM sounding-like in 2009, this is what you need : rough & true Heavy-Metal with a wild attitude !

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