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MIND ODYSSEY "Time To Change It" CD
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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 07 March 2010 16:22

Napalm Records

“Time To change It” is the fifth album of the german group Mind Odyssey. The style of the group is a power metal mixed to electric sounds and to progressive influences. The album begins with a powerful « Riding And Ruling », with a heavy sound, with very present keyboards and a pronounced Indus side. The following track «Enemy Daggers » keeps a pronounced Indus side with choruses in the refrain. « I Want It All » has a solo which is worked with some distortions. « Face In The Rain » has a progressive side. We come back to electro Indus with « Final Fight » and certain vocals parts with special effects but the progressive side comes back with the following one « Higher Ground » and its keyboards solo. The album ends with « Under The Moonlight », a superb ballad relatively epic with keyboards with keyboards and acoustic guitars. What ever we can remark it is that whatever the composition, the Indus side ou electro one is present and relatively well marked but we however have a good compromise because the guitar is powerful and heavy and the rhythmic section efficient. Mario Le Mole has a superb voice, well varied, that he knows well use. « Time To Change It » is an good album to listen.

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