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ELUVEITIE "Everything Remains As It Never Was" CD
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Written by Béa   
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 16:10

Nuclear Blast

One year after they released “Evocation I –The Arcade Dominion”, Eluveitie come back with their new album “Everything Remains At it Never Was”. If their previous album sounds more folk and acoustic, this one is more “metal”. The principal theme of this one like the other others is not northern mythology but Gallic ancestors, maybe because they’re Swiss… The group mixes rather well the male death metal vocals to the clear female voice. And both voices go rather well with the music and the instrumentation. They have created a good balance between all that. The female choruses are very melodic. Each of the songs is a good mix between heavy metal, folk and you can feel melancholy in them. The group uses real folk instruments which is nice to hear.
Of course it is not an album which brings anything new neither innovative but if one’s like folk metal he should like this one. The album has the benefit of a good production which gives well back the folk instruments.

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