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BIRDS OF PREY "The Hell Preacher" CD
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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 19:16


Well... sometimes you get CDs of bands and after a first listening, you really don't know what to say, what to think.... If I had stopped at the first listening... I guess I'd have probably thought : American BIRDS OF PREY are just another swedish-death-metal style band, nothing new, nothing more... forget, next band please ! BUT... this time I made proof of perseverance and listened to that "Hell Preacher" again & again until something constructive bled out of my brain ! And holy shit, in the end, it's like I can't think this is something to forget ! This is even something to HIGHLY recommend to all lovers of raging morbid Death Metal in the swedish style, originated by NIHILIST, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, GRAVE or UNLEASHED to name a few... Actually, what said before remains exact, it's nothing new, nothing more but BIRDS OF PREY have the balls to write very decent & kick-ass material with alot of conviction ! Some would say or reproach it sounds like a mix of all ENTOMBED albums, all thrown in a blender and remixed... I can't disagree... BUT it KICKS ASS like only a few bands can do ! The whole album is also filled with a certain malevolent feeling, that many bands would dream to achieve, and that many other ones have simply forgotten as an essential part of the Death-Metal style ! Shit, this is NO Gothenburg-Gay Death-Metal style, this is pure old-school Death-Metal filled with dirty rocking touches ! Songs like "Juvie" with its ultra-simple guitar-riff is something to experience - it's so well structured and played this is an absolute "hit" that will make you bang your head until the floor gets blood-covered, this will drive you fuckin'mad ! Another hit killer song is "Blind Faith" with its relentless rhytmic & mid/fast-tempos... definitely mind-blowing - this could be a mix of ENTOMBED (again) & SLAYER ("Seasons..." era)... But don't think this album is full-speed ahead only, just give a listen to "False Prophet"... kinda melodic/ambiant/depressive interlude that gives a refreshing break to the whole album, followed by the brain-slashing "The Owl Closes In" that is here to stick you on the wall... Until "Giving Up The Ghost", the last song of the album, which is fast, raging & thrashing, BIRDS OF PREY take no prisoner ! In a word, GET THIS if you like AUTHENTIC Death fuckin'Metal !!!!

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