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BLACK MESSIAH "First War Of The World" CD
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Written by Béa   
Saturday, 20 March 2010 16:01

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“First War Of The World” is the fourth album from the pagan/viking metal group Black Messiah. It is a concept album which takes its source in the Edda’s legend (northern mythology) and we can say that it is a musical success. All through the rather long tracks, except the interludes, we travel through this epic legend. We have superb instrumental passages at violin, narrative passages putting the story and the events. The musicians are talented and control perfectly their instruments to give us good guitars playing, beautiful passages at violin and the rhythmic section knows to be efficient when the compositions needed it. The keyboards are very present and give beautiful melodic layers and bring a lot of different atmospheres and ambiences. We also find flute, accordion (or similar) and the choirs are sometimes very present, making richer the tracks. The tracks can sometimes be very energetic, other times much more delicate and full of emotion like, among others, « Andacht ». the vocals are much varied, black metal vocals, clean vocals and melodic … the tracks are round around epic, melancholic, dark. At the end it is a much varied album which is nice to listen, with rather lively melodies and rhythmic changing’s.


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