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CRIMES OF PASSION "Crimes Of Passion" CD
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Written by Béa   
Saturday, 20 March 2010 16:13


Crimes Of Passion has released its self named album in 2008. The style of the English group is an energetic and melodic hard rock on the vocals and musical levels. The base of the tracks is solid and efficient and they are at the same times time melodic and powerful. The riffs are melodic and powerful and the soli rather well done and melodic. All through the album the choruses are very present, in the vein of tracks of the 80-90s and the refrains are efficient and memorable like the one, among others, of « Unbreakable ». Dale Radcliffe’s vocals are well at place, efficient, powerful and melodic.
The album has the benefit of a very good production which give the tracks and each of the instruments efficient and powerful.
Crimes Of Passion is a group to discover if you like the style, a future seems opened to the group…


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