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SOUL APART "Road To Self" CD
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Written by Béa   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 15:26

Union D Musicos Independentes

Soul Apart is the new solo project from Guido Lisioli and « Road To Self » is his creation. Could we say that this album is an experimental project? I do think yes. All through this one are mixed metal, piano, keyboards, progressive parts with varied and divers influences which are coming from classic, from different cultures (oriental as in « Point Of Departure » or American Latino, even, « Southwest Tango » or « The Tree Steps Of Circle »), even jazzy or bluesy. The whole gives very coherent tracks, very interesting to listen as everything is varied with very frequent rhythmic changing, of styles in the music as well as in the vocals. Rightly talking about the vocals, Guido had a superb voice with a very wide range. The musicians and the vocalist are talented and control perfectly their instruments. It is at the end a very much worked album, very rich which is nice to listen and listen again with the same pleasure. The tracks are as a whole rather dark and melancholic but the melodies are so beautiful … I like the kind of musical project which makes abstraction of all musical « frontiers », which makes proof of creativity with a lot of coherence and of success. I just can salute this work and hope that other albums will follow this « Road To Self » and I can just invite you to listen the tracks on the myspace pages.



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