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Written by Béa   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 15:33

Firebox Records/Innovative Promotion
01/ 2009

“Kartika” is the third album from the Australian group The Eternal. The group mixes a dark, ambient music with some doom touches, the all of it with a marked progressive side. The tracks are as a whole full of melancholy with nice instrumental and vocals layers. We have several guests on this album such as the vocalist Emily Saaen on the track « Kartika ». On this track with oriental tones we also have a mandolin which brings an emotional side. If the compositions are pleasant to listen on the vocals and the instrumental levels, the whole seems rather little varied, sometimes a little to smooth and conventional but it is not a bad album for that, it is just simply lacking of more “attractive” tracks. However « Kartika » has nice and successful instrumental layers and vocally nothing to say, the vocals are pleasant and well at place. To see in the future the evolution of the group.



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