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GOD FORBID “Earth’s Blood” CD
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Written by Béa   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 16:48

Century Media

God Forbid has known to make a certain reputation through the albums and it is not this now album “Earth’s Blood” which will say the contrary. The metalcore of the group is worked, heavy and powerful. The group alternates metal passages at properly speaking and much more melodic and epic passages with clean vocals. The album begins with « The Discovery », superf intro with classic and electric instruments. The tracks are technique and directs with breaks which appear at anytime. The rhythmic are efficient and direct with sometimes very catchy riffs. The track that can be taken out of this album is for me « The New clear », very melodic with clear vocals and a rather progressive structure, it is a superb song. All through the tracks we have very worked compositions with sometimes complex and relatively long structures. « Bat The Angels » demarks itself with its alternation of ambient passages and others more direct and the riffs of this song are superb. The soli are technical and worked and the rhythmic section is powerful and efficient. At the end it is a varied album, of a very great musical quality.



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