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OKER "Dale Caña" MCD
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Written by Fab   
Monday, 29 March 2010 17:06


OKER is a young spanish five-piece Heavy-Metal band hailing from Madrid. "Dale Caña" MCD is their very first release, kinda seld-produced demo made of 5 songs, that shows a band with a very good potential ! The opener "Dale Caña" is definitely the "hit" of the band, really awesome catchy song in a Hard-Rock/Heavy-Metal vein ! Great riffs, mid & fast tempos that really catch the attention ! Kick ass female vocals that remind me of Doro (WARLOCK-era) and Kate (ACID) - see the picture ? I mean, very aggressive but clear & melodious vocals ! This song is something every metalheads should listen at last once in their life, this is pure hardocking madness ! Also, note the great guitar solo in the purest metal tradition ! You'll love it ! The 4 other songs are in the same vein, in between Hard-Rock & Heavy-Metal with always catchy vocals, well-done guitar solos on mid & fast tempos... There's a ballad called "La Llamada del Destino".... undoubtly this could have been written in the mid 80's, a slow song with kinda mournful atmospheres on slow tempo... which becomes a bit faster & harder on the end, very well-done ! All songs are sung in spanish, I know this could be seen as a disadvantage for many listeners, but Xina's voice is bewitching enough to go through ! This for sure doesn't bring anything new to the style - that's even "just in style", but if you know me, you know how I worship the 80's metal style so this can't be a bad critic and if you like bands like early Warlock, Acid, Santa (a cult classic spanish band), this will for sure please you ! A very good debut for sure ! OKER is a band to look for !


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