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TORMENTED "Rotten Death" CD
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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 12:24


DEATH METAL was something definitely outstanding back in the late 80's, when it appeared... It had the power of Heavy Metal, the ferocity of Thrash Metal, the raw punk approach and was a good answer to the glam/sleasze bands of the moment and all that was lacking of balls... but 20 years later, the style has in my opinion lost alot of its original identity... It has become too much melodious, too much technical... it has lost most of its primary sense : Instinct ! Death Metal was meant to be raw, evil and brutal... like a catharsis helping to throw all the inner pains away... It seems that nevertheless, here & there in the underground circut, one can still find die-hard maniacs perpetuating this tradition - those ones are coming from Sweden are are named TORMENTED. Even if the band is only 2 years old (the album has been released one year after the band's birth only !), the band members have all been involded in several bands like Marduk, Pan.thy.Monium, Edge Of Sanity, Devian, Darkified to name a few... So, with such names, one can think this is for sure something to listen to - if into pure old-school Death Metal style... This album is made of 9 songs based on fast agressive tempos where brutality and ferocity collide ! The guitar sound is damn fuckin'low, like one could hear on such classics as "Left Hand Path" or "Dark Recollections", vocals are damn fuckin' aggressive but not so much growled which make lyrics understandable most of the time, you can then feel all the anger & pain expressed ! "Rotten Death" opens the album with a piercing horrorful female scream, followed by a doooooomy oppressive guitar riff... it sents you directly beyond the grave 'cos you can already feel the morbid sound of TORMENTED... Then what follows is an outburst of morbid ferocity, something I've NOT witnessed for too long... I mean, not in such a great manner, many bands did it in the past but rare are the ones to reach the class of TORMENTED - they really take you back to the great time when Swedish Death Metal was exploding at the face of the world with legends like Entombed, Carnage, Nihilist, Dismember or Desultory !!! "Blood Of The Undead" and its obsessive guitar solo will blast your mind... "Come Back From The Dead" is my favorite songs of the album with it very memorable refrain and it slower break... So, in a word, TORMENTED are the best option so far if you need a "back-to-the-roots" trip, definitely one of the best bands of the genre, especially if you think nothing good had been done since Entombed & Carnage ! GET THIS NOW !!!


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