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SKULL FIST "Heavier Than Metal" CD
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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 03 April 2010 16:37


Fuck ! Who said old-school METAL is dead ? The style certainly declined like not other one during the nineties... but now it's time for REVENGE ! After bands like WITCHCURSE (Greece), OKER (Spain), I've the pleasure to introduce canadian SKULL FIST and for sure I can say the style strikes BACK ! This is NO trend, this is more than a back-to-the-roots-like envy, this is now the expression of a serious urge for METAL like it is meant to be and like it should have ever be played - METAL established by legends such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Tokyo Blade... who cares about "emo", "goth", "core" things ? We're talking about the REAL SHIT here !
SKULL FIST started in Canada in 2006, it took some times until they got a suitable line-up (they still need a bass-player ! If you're in Canada, go for it... and NOW !!!) and they've just released their first self-produced release called "Heavier Than Metal". This is made of 5 songs and once you've ended listening to it, you immediately regret there's no more songs ! Everything's there is just INCREDIBLE ! The sound, the style, the way the guitars sound, the voice's tone.... that's definitely NO copycat but it sounds like it was composed/recorded during the glorious 80's ! Shit, they're so young they were NOT even BORN haha ! I'm just amazed ! Musically, this is fast & melodious Heavy-Metal with a hint of spite in the vocals, something that could be situated between bands like TOKYO BLADE, early-DEF LEPPARD (and at times MAINEEAXE - anyone remember them ???) - Heavy Metal when it was wild & catchy !
Guitar solos are all well-executed, guitarist SIR SHRED always takes care of composing melodious & catchy ones, rythmics are most on mid & fast tempos, exactly what's needed for a perfect headbanging session ! Drummer ALISON THUNDERLAND is a real Thunder-machine, she keeps the tempos beating up your head until it explodes !!! Read the interview, obviously, no one could ever imagine that haha ! Vocals as I said are pretty much in the old-vein, I can't say Jackie SLAUGHTER is a hell of a singer BUT his way of singing perfectly fits the music and that's what matter FIRST ! The style of singing is pretty much in the NWOBHM vein, a bit hesitating but instinctive & raging, keeping the good balance between rage & melodiousness... moreover one can find aboslutely awesome choruses that really enhance the songs, they bring something fresh & kick ass to the band !
SKULL FIST with "Heavier Than Metal" bring the proof that METAL in its purest form still exist and that it is not only the interest of older people only !!! "Heavier Than Metal" is much more than a first good attempt and SKULL FIST are one of the BIGGEST Heavy-Metal hopes for today & tomorrow ! With such song-titles as "Sign Of The Warrior", "Ride The Beast" or "No False Metal", they can't be wrong ! Check'em out - get FISTED haha !



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