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CRESCENT SHIELD "The Stars Of Never Seen" CD
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Written by Béa   
Saturday, 17 April 2010 15:52

Cruz Del Sur Music/MurMur Promotion

Crescent Shield has released its second album “The Stars Of Never Seen”. The first one “The Last Of My Kind” was good but this one is better. The style of the group is an epic power metal traditional, coming from the 80s. The songs are well balanced between fast and heavy passages all through the album, and of course melodic ones but they would have needed to be written more deeply. As well some tracks contain too much repetitive riffs, not enough varied. The album has the benefit of a good production giving well each instrument and putting well the vocalist at his place. He has a high and a strong voice and he sings even better than in the first album. You will not find anything new here as the influences are clearly written Iron Maiden (among others…) but it is a nice album to listen.
To try if you liked the first album.



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