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NEBULEYES "The Universal Being" CD
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Written by Béa   
Saturday, 17 April 2010 16:00


Nebuleyes has released third album "The Universal Being" last year after “Digital Enfant” and “Revolution Divine”. The project of the group is a mix a metal and progressive rock with electro, baroque, symphonic and sometimes psychedelic. The vocalist Drama Elfamorta, possesses a mezzo-contralto voice, is extremely well put but on some songs appears some male voice like on “Senso-Fecondre”.
The whole deals with science-fiction universe. The songs are coherent with the theme and the music, of course you’ll have to like these styles otherwise you might don’t like it. As well you’ll find some avant-gardiste passages with very present keyboards. The guitars are not at rest with destructurated passages followed just after by piano passages. The tracks are nice to listen musically speaking as well as vocally speaking, at least for me as I like symphonic metal, so I like that kind of voice. We can approach the style of the group of the one of Ayreon which is rather a compliment for me! The songs aren’t always catchy but they need to be listening several time. as well the fifth one “The Universal Being” isn’t the best one of the album, I don’t know what the group wanted to do but the voices are not very put, one on the other one… there are some defaults which should disappeared in the next albums. At least it is a group to follow.



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