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EXODUS "Exhibit B - The Human Condition" CD
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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 01 May 2010 13:14

Nuclear Blast

"Bonded By Blood" (in its original version, I'm not speaking about the recent re-release called "Let There Be blood") will for sure remains as one of my all-time favortie metal albums, this is one of the most incredible pieces of Thrash Metal ever recorded, but I can't say so about EXODUS... I think the band since "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" has lost a lot of its inspiration in delivering killer thrash tunes... The 2 last studio albums (excluding this one) sound all the same to me with no real surprise... That's aggressive thrash metal for sure but I think, from a band like EXODUS, one can expect a bit more. So I hoped this new album would be different, better & more inspîred. It starts with a nice melodious intro before "The Ballad Of Leonard & Charles" is thrown to our ears. From the first notes, it feels like nothing has really changed... Fast forward aggressive thrash with raging vocal lines. For a first song, not bad at all, but the 3 followers sound the same and on the length, the raging vocals goet on my nerves...Rob DUKES pukes much more than he sings... No variation in the vocal lines. The album sounds better & different from the 5th song ("Downfall") with a slower tempo & catchy refrains. They keep the effort going with a few other songs like "March Of The Sycophants", "Nanking", the awesome "Democide" and the raging "Burn Hollywood Burn" with kick ass refrains & always great guitar solos and at this moment, this is like the best is yet to come, as these songs are real bowls of fresh air, they're really exciting !! But they finally end the album with 3 songs that are just in the same veins as the opening ones... aggressive thrash with no real surprise... In a word, this album has some killer songs but some of them are just average & nothing more than the less we could expect from an ordinary thrash band... and I really think EXODUS are able of much more than this... Not an essential album of Thrash metal... Only for the band fans...


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