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ENOCHIAN THEORY "Evolution Creatio Ex Nihilio" CD
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Written by Béa   
Saturday, 01 May 2010 13:40

Anomalousz Music Records Ltd

Enochian Theory with its album “Evolution Creatio Ex Nihilio” creates a progressive rock/metal album which takes its sources into groups such as Dream Theater, Tool, Porcupine Tree. You will also find thrash and heavy touches but also soft and airy ones, as for example the beginning of the album with an ambient intro followed with a guitars piece. I can say that the musicians know how to play and control perfectly their instruments. They control as well the feeling that there is in the music. The vocals are much varied as well is the music because he can sings in clean vocals, other times has a rather core even thrash one, growls. The rhythmic section is well at place and knows to be powerful; the riffs are also powerful and sound relatively “modern”. The song “Apathia” is a very nice song with an oriental influence with piano, varied sounds and orchestral part. The piano seems to have an important place for the group as you’ll find it very often in the introduction of tracks.
The album is from the first to the last song a progressive journey but you’ll have to be opening minded to listen to it because Enochian Theory goes very far into progressive music that needs to be more control to te risk to get lost into its own music.



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