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UFYCH "All Stars" CD
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Written by Béa   
Wednesday, 19 May 2010 16:40

Holy Records

UFYCH (formerly Ufych Sormeer) has released some weeks ago "All Stars", its second album with Holy records. If the first album was surrounded with a concept, with musicians having a good technique and controlling their instruments, we do expect at least the same thing for the second album. So ? What about this album ? Is it as good as the first one? I say yes, it is a varied, very rich album with which you’ll have no time to get bored!!! The style of the group has become surer, it is more rock, and from the first song “Galactic Saloon” with its piano bar the songs are energetic with groovy riffs. The whole is original and do not look like of what is released these days, they do and play what they what and the all of it is coherent. You can feel the spirit of groups coming from the 80s of course. The vocalist’s voice is rather high pitched and goes pretty well with the style but his English is sometimes approximate for those who are bilingual. The musicians have not lot any of their technique. “All Stars” is a good compromise because you’ll find ballads, energetic and fast songs, rock/metal songs. You will find the harmonica that was also present in the other album and you have less electro parts. At the end an energetic, melodic balancing album pleasant to listen at least for me. I find the compositions of this album richer, energetic, and efficient and it is difficult to really give a style to it as you find a lot of styles in it.
The "cowboys" have given us a good album which is even better than the first, will they be able to do better next time ?


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