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Written by Béa   
Friday, 21 May 2010 16:33

M & O Office

What to think about this new album released on the end of last year? When you see how the members on the group are making up on the page of the CD, you think as it’s written you have entered “Into The Weird Side”. It seems like you are facing “The Joker”, “He”, etc… and other films of that kind. The clown is dangerous, “It” has inspired a lot the Horror Cinema so by the same way the Horror Metal, the Horror core, a little in the manner of Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper, with even some Kiss for the make up. To this you’ll add some Stephen King’s books and you’ll have this!!! “Tri Nox Samoni” Into The Weird Side” is a CD/DVD. The production is very good quality for the DVD and the artwork is also well done. Musically speaking there are different styles, nu metal, hip hop, core, punk, a lot of samples are used as well as keyboards, you’ll fast passages as well as mid tempos. The vocalist’s voice is corrosive, screaming, shouting; all is original in this album: the compositions are original, the music is original, and the way of presenting the “spectacle” is also original. Of course, not everyone will like it, especially those who like classic heavy metal unless you’re very much open minded. You’ll find burlesque mixed to circus, fair fest, and clowns and macabre.
“Tri Nox Samoni” Into The Weird Side” brings you into a side where you’ll never have been and where you’ll never want to go again, believe me !
The vocalist voice is a high pitch hardcore’s one but he can become extremely dramatic or sadist.
I think that Bawdy Festival is to be seen on stage because it is there where the group takes all its value, now you’ll have to taste this album to see and hear what the group is able to do.



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