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FFERYLLT "Dance Of Druids" CD
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Written by Béa   
Friday, 28 May 2010 19:43

Stygian Crypt Productions

"Dance Of Druids" is the first album from the group FFeryllt. The style of the group is a mix of symphonic/folk/Viking metal. Fferyllt mixes in its music metal instruments but also folk and ethnic ones. You will find some guests such as Vladimir Cherepovskiy (Los Gaiteros De Moscu/Arkona), Simon Muller (Folkearth, Excelsis, Sunuthar), Diana Timoschenko (Oneyros), Sonja Tavormina (Suada), Pablo Allen (Skiltron).
If you like the style, it is an album which won’t leave you indifferent. You will find all the ingredients usually found in such music, that is to say female choirs, keyboards, folk instruments (bagpipes, flutes, tin whistle, a lot, harp etc…
The two last songs are covers, one is from Ensiferum “Lai Lai Hei” and the second one is “Inis Mona” from Eluveiti”.
The first track “A Celtic Tale” is an instrumental with guitars, harp, and bagpipe. The second one “Night Of The Wood God” continues with bagpipe, flute and heavy guitars riffs, the vocals are in Russian. There are male and lyric female ones. The tempo changes with the third composition which is rather a ballad, with female vocals, acoustic guitars and bagpipes and flute. The song ends with a nice guitar solo. The next song “Dance Of Druids” has a traditional Irish sound.
The group has done a good job to balance the traditional instruments and the metal ones. As well as for the vocals, the balance is well done between the lyrical female voice and the growl male ones.
The album has the benefit of a good production as well as good musical arrangements.
To make it short it is a well balanced album, nice to listen, and if you like the style it should please you.


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