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JC JESS "Wake Of The Dead" CD
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Written by Béa   
Friday, 28 May 2010 19:48

JC JESS Prod/Brennus Music

I do not like particularly the cover of the album which doesn’t for me represent really the music of JC JESS and that it is not particularly successful. With this second album “Wake Of The Dead” the group gives us varied songs, sometimes traditional and classic, other times more thrashy, a ballad “Back”, hard rock ones. The compositions are worked and well composed and well structured. The musicians are pretty good and control their instruments. However the production is not perfect and sometimes the voice is “overtaken” by the instruments and it is too bad. Some songs have remembering refrains at wishes. Well, at the end a good album to listen and listen again. JJ, the frontman is a good guitarist who gives a lot of feeling in his instruments but he also possesses a good technique and the other musicians are not at rest. The vocals are well at place, never aggressive and go well with the style of the group.
Good continuation to the group with another album.



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