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IN ARKADIA "Blind Oppression" CD
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Written by Béa   
Monday, 07 June 2010 16:14

Another Sphere Records

"Blind Oppression" is the second album from the French group In Arkadia. The group mixes pure melodic thrash / death metal all along this album.
The sound is huge and strong whatever it comes from the guitars or the rhythmic section. The vocalist is at his place and his voice, even if I do not like that kind of vocals goes well with the style. You’ll find nice soli along the tracks such as in “Preemptive Sidiate” and we can say that the musicians control their instruments. You’ll find some acoustic guitars like in the intro of “Ego Alter”.
“Blind Oppression” is an album which will please every fan of these styles. even if it rather a good album as a whole there’s nothing which demarks it from the rest of the albums of the same kind.



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