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QANTICE "The Cosmocinesy" CD
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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 20 June 2010 11:07

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Qantice has released its album « The Cosmocinesy » last year. To describe shortly the music of the group would be music for films. Tony Beaufils, multi instrumentist, is at the initiative of this group. He plays guitars, bass, banjo, and mandolin. He is surrounded with Yosh Otias at violin and Aurelien Joucla at drums; you’ll find guests for flute, keyboards, etc …
All along the music, the musicians send us through a journey full of adventures and feelings.
We go through symphonic metal to ballad, to epic song. The instrumentations are powerful and we go through metal guitars to folk ones and banjo. It took 10 years to realise this work. This work is huge, grandiose. It is really a masterpiece even if you don’t like metal.
He made everything from the lyrics to the compositions, the production, the arrangements, the recording, and the artwork.
It is the kind of music which could go on a science fiction movie.
The mixing has been done by Kevin Codfert (Adagio).
To this progressive melodic music, you’ll find classic parts but also Celtic ones. Besides Yosh Otias, you’ll have John Lang (pipe and bohdran), Justine Descamps (flute and oboe), Tomaz Boucherifi-kadiou (tin whistle), Dimitri Halby (flute). At choir you’ll have Carole Alcantara, Céline Devraine and Vincent Thevenet (as well as leas vocals).
“The Cosmocinesy” is dealing about a planet which accepts a lot of people menaced by an asteroid where are living pirates.
I have no need to tell you that if you want to appreciate at its true value you’ll have to listen to it several time, it is an excellent album. For me it is a masterpiece and I have the feeling that the second album, when it’ll be done, will be as excellent as this one, Tony Beaufils has such a talent !




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