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STOLEN MEMORIES "The Strange Order" CD
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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 20 June 2010 11:30



“The Strange Order” is the first album from the French group Stolen Memories. Sure, it has nothing really different from the others released in this style, but for a first album the compositions are good and well done. In most of the songs you will find kinds of little of “duets” between Baptiste Brun’guitars and Alexis Armion’s keyboards. Both are doing at turn soli, which can be very technique. The ambiances also, are given, sometimes by the guitars, sometimes by the keyboards.
No need to tell you that their influences are groups such are Symphony X Dream Theater, Andromeda, Vander Plas for the musical side, but each singer has his own sound, variety of tons.
For a first album, I say it is a success, but the second one should be better, not on the technique level because the musicians have it but rather on the compositions, on the arrangements levels, the rhythmic changing, and the feelings.
You’ll have to give an hear to this album and personally I do expect the second album.




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