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TERRORGOD "Coming Home" CD
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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 20 June 2010 11:35

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“Coming Home” is the second album from the German thrash/power metal group Terrorgod. The group exists since 2005 and the singer has changed since then. You won’t find anything new because the style is coming right from the 80s. Now can we expect something new each item an album is release? I don’t think so! Personally I do not appreciate the vocalist’s voice because he screams too much most of the time, but when he sings “normally” his voice is rather pleasant to hear. You have one song that can be taken out this album “Betrayer”, nearly 9 mns, with all its breaks, its vocals changings, its different styles which prove that the group is able to work on the melodies of the songs and sometimes they are able to make great compositions. Musically we can say that’s a mix of Iced Earth & Metallica...




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