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HOODED PRIEST "Devil Worship Reckoning" CD
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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:17


HOODED PRIEST are hailing from the Netherlands and I was curious to know how they would sound like, since the line-up features Luther 'Finlay' Veldmark, vocalist of WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT, a pretty good band from the underground circut I can't recommend enough ! If WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT are more in a occult Heavy Metal vein, HOODED PRIEST are definitely different and sounds really DOOOOOOOMY... "Mrs Satan" opens the album and puts you in a dark & obscure atmosphere... Sounds like CATHEDRAL meeting CANDLEMASS.... vocals are good, theatrically oriented and gives a good effect to the music... The production is really raw & underlines the obscure musical side of the band pretty well... You can find black-metal influenced guitar-riffs mixed with other ones that sounds more "rock'n'roll", obviously the band tries to vary their musics thru their songs, but in the end, I've the sensation it is not enough, most of the songs are really similar... Too bad, 'cos there's not much bad things to say on this album, when considering the songs one by one and I'm sure all doomsters around will like it alot, but probably more variations between the songs would have been welcome and would have made this album a VERY good one instead of just a good one... however, a good debut album and a band to look for...



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