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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:24


Imagine a cool scene in a record-store... this could be something like that.... I enter the shop and find that "Lethal Noise Of Violence" with its catchy cover (Yes, girls in leather are always so attractive haha !!!) ....
I say : "Ohohohoh, what's this band ?"
"MEGAHERA from Italy !" answers the boss...
Me : "Waah, the artwork is definitely something I like a lot, it reminds me the style of the 80's... and you know how crazy I am about that specific sound ! Can I listen to it ?"
The Boss : "Sure, here we go ! First song is called "Let It Loose"..."
Me : "Hummm.... That sound... Is that something recorded in the 80's ? It sounds like the production of that time, when Judas Priest, Motörhead, early Metallica ruled the scene..."
The Boss (a bit irritated by my questions, I'm sure he wants me to buy it without questions haha !) "NO ! Recorded in 2009."
Me : "Can't believe how accurate it is !! Vocals are really amazing, clear, raging with a bit of aggression and that feeling from the NWOBHM style, making me think of DIAMOND HEAD, BLITZKRIEG... And that guitar solo.. ? It sounds like Kirk HAMMET playing on Metallica's debut album !"
The Boss : No, you're damn wrong, K. Hammet doesn't play here, this is MEGAHERA and MEGAHERA only !
Me (thinking it takes me for a fool, when it was just a joke...) : "OK... next song please... that one called "Welcome Back (Heavy Metal)", I'm always curious to know more, sometimes bands can write a first killer song and the other ones are crap..."
The Boss skips to that song without a word...
...and immediately I think "This is what I need ! That band is just great ! This second song keeps the feeling so exciting !!! Great second song with another incredible solo (which reminds me of K. Hammet again, the way of playing and the sound are almost the same ones as on "Kill'Em All") and vocals that are in the same veins of the bands named before but with some touches à la early J. HETFIELD... These guys are really early-Metallica influenced, no doubt !" My head is slowly banging and my feet is beating up the tempo....  but it seems I'm a boring customer, the boss skips to the third song... he seems really bored... ("What the fuck ?" am I thinking ? That's good music, no need to complain !!!)... "Before The Night" is that third song, really energetic, fast & catchy... with cool choruses ! Kinda mix of the the four horsemen in their best period (1983) and Motörhead... It doesn't make change my mind and I'm sure I'm gonna buy it... even if the boss is not that cool haha ! Well, seeing that it is a 4-song mini-CD, I ask the boss to play the fourth and last one...Hmmm.. no smile on his face but ok, he plays it.... and I think "Well, this is soon over, don't worry, Mr Commercial !"... That last song is called "Nasty Savage" and it is probably the most melodious song of the release, but definitely not the worst one ! Really killer, i'd say, it has a kick ass rock'n'roll like guitar solo that should please all Motörhead fans, a very memorable refrain ("We're nasty savage" - Yeah !!!), a very great rythmic that will make you bang your head with no doubt and a great melodious break that definitely proves MEGAHERA are a REAL band and not an early-Metallica copycat... and a band to look for !!!
Me : "OK Boss ! How much ? I buy it !!!! Thanks for your patience hehe..."...
The Boss doesn't say a word and shows the price on the CD case... I gave him the bucks and say "Thanks & Bye", so happy of that purchase...
The Boss (relieved and happy to see me going away...) : "YES, Bye !"
I now jump on my car and put this immediately in the CD player... turn on the gas and call my friends to bring the beers for the night, 'cos I already have THE right music to party ! Hell yeah let's now party with a pure & true METAL band !!!


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