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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:35

Rhino Entertainment/Warner Music France


Queensryche comes back with a new concept album "American Soldier". Yes, this album is dedicated to all the Americans soldiers who has made wars (what ever the one), who have come back or not … it is why you’ll find all along the album passages of interviews from veterans made by Geoff Tate himself.
It is not always an easy access album from the first listening (even after several times…), some passages are much worked and much complex, on the vocals level as well as on the musical one. Vocally we still have the Geoff Tate’s magnificent voice, always as varied. The rhythmic are very changing, between heavy, powerful passages and others mod mid tempos, nuanced. It begins very strong with « sliver » and the military talking used in a rap manner. The bass guitar is much present in the song and the solo is just superb. Musically Queensryche developed a lot of creativity and energy for the compositions.
 "Unafraid" has a really great intro then you enter intro the Queensryche world with Geoff Tate’s voice in the right place, in the mood. The refrain’s song is purely hard rock. The refrain is sing by the vocalist but the verses are made by the soldiers’ voices to give more impact. “The Killer” has a little more modern sound and is more rock and has a tribal rhythmic and omnipresent chorus and a saxo solo at the end of the track. "Middle Of Hell" has a nice solo. “If I Were King” has a powerful refrain, but it is not the best song of this album. Three songs are particularly interesting: "At 30,000 ft”, «Man Down" and “Remember Me” which is very melodic and very pleasant to listen.
Each instrument has and finds its place on the songs, giving power or melodies depending of the contest.
you’ll find Geof Tate’s little girl, Emily,  for a duet with him on “Home Again” which give a lot of feeling because when you hear the song for the first time you are not aware and not prepare because of all the strongest songs of before. All is softness, in feelings… with acoustic guitars in delicacy.
The album ends with “The Voice” an epic track at wishes, with a nice melody.
Queensryche with “American Soldier” have made a superb and great work which related pretty well the wars and what soldiers had lived at that time.
To listen and listen again quietly to appreciate it at its true value, and why not take all the albums that you have and listen to them again by the way ?




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