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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 16:32

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Yeah, better late than ever, here's my review about SLAYER's latest album.... I've read so many different reviews about this one, great ones, good ones, bad ones, very bad ones too... that I didn't know what to think of it and how to get into it... so since nothing is better than judging by oneself, I go now for my own opinion... SLAYER has during a long time been one of my favorite metal bands (especially from 1983 to 1990) before they started playing a kinda different & more experimental material during the early 90's... I lost a lot of my interest in them... and until now, I can't find an album of them that is as good as the pre-90's ones... In no way I think "Divine Intervention" and "Diablous In Musica" are as exciting as "Hell Awaits" or "Reign In Blood"... "Undisputed Attitude" was kinda fun but had no real interest... Only "God Hates Of All" really got my attention & interest with its pure-aggression & hard-core influences... It was so raw & aggressive, so wild & twisted ("Bloodline") - but ok, never got me as excited as I could be in the 80's when discovering a new album by the band... "Christ Illusion" was announced as the band's best effort since "Seasons Of The Abyss", but  even if I admit some songs in are kick ass ("Flesh Storm", "Eyes Of The Insane", "Cult"...), this didn't make me so crazy when listening to it... so what about that "World Painted Blood" ???
A disturbing intro announces the first song called "World Painted Blood"... you know that insane feeling one could hear on "Dead Skin Mask" for example ? Something similar actually... That song reminds of the "Seasons Of The Abyss" era, fast, aggressive & straight to the face !!! Good start, this keeps my interest growing ! Then, "Unit 731" is really fast, maybe too fast... or too linear, I don't know, but this makes me think of the "Undisputed Attitude" album... really Hard-Core oriented... "Snuff" starts a bit like "Captor Of Sin" does with a fast & crazy guitar solo as intro... That song is heavier, harder & YES, here I can find THE Slayer I like alot ! The ones able to write killer tunes as "War Ensemble", "Silent Scream"... "Beauty Through Order" is the next song... and the most different so far... but really in the greatest SLAYER's style... with atmospheres one could hear on "South Of Heaven" and "Seasons...".... Fast, heavy but definitely twisted & disturbing ! Tom ARAYA's voice is so perfect for these kinda atmospheres and he really does a good job ! "Hate Worldwide" and "Public Display Of Dismemberment" are pure aggressive fast SLAYER songs, no real surprise but no bad surprise either... "Human Strain" is one of the best song of the album.... It's slower than the previous ones, but it has a certain disturbing atmosphere that it could be a soundtrack for a psychopath movie ha ! Really great, especially with that great break and that unexpected guitar riff... "Americon" is not the most complex song the band has ever composed but it is really well done and catchy... I'm sure this one played on stage drive all the maniacs damn crazy ! Really efficient ! "Psychopathy In Red" is in the veins of "Hate Worldwide" or "Public Display..."... fast, very fast... aggressive & takes no prisoner... classic SLAYER stuff with maybe more hard-core influences in... and now... "Playing With Dolls"... If you liked "Human Strain", you'll LOVE this one for sure... same disturbing atmosphere, but pushed to a higher level.... great haunting guitar riffs... awesome and sick lyrics... sung with class by Tom ARAYA... there's a real feeling of pain, anger and desperation in ! Maybe one of the best SLAYER songs ever - so sick !!! "Not Of This God" ends that album with the pure Slayer style... cut-throat guitars, intensely pounding drums (which makes me say Dave LOMBARDO is still on the top of the Metal drummers !!)... and Tom's particular style of vocals... to sum-up... I'd say SLAYER with that new album combines the best of what can be found on "Christ Illusion" with the golden years of the band (1983-1990) and even anticipates with more dark, twisted & haunting atmospheres in their songs... and makes me confident for the future... SLAYER is SLAYER and still reigning on the THRASH METAL fields !



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