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Written by Béa   
Wednesday, 07 July 2010 15:59


Napalm Records


Ereb Altor was born from the initiative of Crister Olsson and Daniel Bryntse from the group Isole. “The End” is their second album. The style of the group is a mix of heavy/doom and epic pagan metal. You’ll have clean and beautiful vocals from the vocalist especially on “Myrding”, a very nice song, with a pagan/Viking ambience. “”Our Failure” or “A New But The Past”. Most of the songs have choirs with male voices, many pagan, ceremonial vocals. You’ll find different ways of singing: clean vocals, black vocals, choirs, declamation. The guitars melodies are played in harmonies sometimes soft, sometimes more aggressive but always melodic.
The last song “The End” is nearly 12 minute long, a long epic song, with male choir. Toward the end you have a black voice answering the clean one
It is a rather well done album, pleasant to listen. The compositions are well constructed with a good vocalist and a guitar player who controls his instrument and gives us nice groovy riffs.
The fans of the genre should appreciate this album at its true value.




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