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Written by Béa   
Wednesday, 07 July 2010 16:44

Self Prod.


Sangreal is a Japanese group which has been created by Takeru in 2006. In 2008 they released their first single “Last Longing/Verge To Fate/Nexus”. In 2009 they released their second single “The Code” and a new single “Rain Arouse Me”. This last single of the group does not figure in this CD.
I was much surprised by the clean vocals of the singer !!! I’m so used to review groups coming from Asia with growls/death/scream voices. He has a very pleasant voice to listen, warm, strong and right.
The style of the songs is melodic rock. The compositions are much work with well done guitars soli and the present keyboards are giving nice background melodies, the rhythmic section is strong and efficient. The songs are lively and even if they’re only four of them well varied. The lyrics are in Japanese but it doesn’t bother me except that I do not understand as I do not have any booklet with the CD.
I hope the group will release an album pretty soon, because I’m eager to hear more of this Japanese group !





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