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HAMMER "No Way Out" CD
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Written by Fab   
Friday, 09 July 2010 14:23



HAMMER (started as HELLRIDER) is a band hailing from Italy and whose main influences are for sure bands like MOTÖRHEAD, AC/DC, early ACCEPT and ROSE TATOO... you got it ? Straight to the face Hard'rocking music !!! No need for an endless review... I guess the aforementioned bands are big & known enough to describe the music... for sure, no "real" surprise here... simple & fast but EFFICIENT guitar riffs, mid-tempo & fast rhythmicals, hi-pitched & screamed vocals...  I mean if you're looking for something definitely original and new, this is not this band that will please you... On the other hand, if you like your music dirty, loud & rocking hard, my advice is to listen to HAMMER immediately 'cos those maniacs will surely make your bang your head & raise your fists in the air like until you get crazy ! Not original, ok, but composed and performed with much sincerity, enough to make them taken for very serious together with that new wave of hardrocking bands like AIRBOURNE or BULLET... Songs like "Infernal Waves", "Rock'N'Roll", "Drinking With The Devil", "Priests In Hell" are definitely the band's "hits" of the record, they rock hard, fast & loud ! HAMMER should have a new album released soon, called "Hammer Nation" ... check them out !!!




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