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EXCALIBUR "Fils Vengeur" CD
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Written by Fab   
Friday, 09 July 2010 14:25




French label EMANES METAL had re-released the band's demo from 1984 on vinyl format in 2008 and two years later, decides to re-re-released on CD format with nothing less than 11 bonus songs (the vinyl version already had 3 bonus songs). For those who are not familiar with EXCALIBUR, they were one of the first heavy/speed metal (& most promising) bands to emerge from the underground french scene back in 1982, under the moniker METHANE...  They then released two demos in 1984 and 1985... Got really good responses from the metal medias & fans... and sadly disbanded in 1987... They really were one of the biggest french metal hopes of the moment. Great to finally have all their material re-released on vinyl & CD, this is for you the opportunity to (re)discover what was EXCALIBUR ! Musically, they were combining with class & talent influences from bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica (when they were a real metal band, back in '83/'84) with, like many french bands of that era (H-Bomb, Adx, Vulcain), french lyrics. In all honesty, in spite of the production that is really raw & a bit weak (but that was the case for many bands at that time, technology was so retarted compared to what it is nowadays...), I keep on thinking this demo is still something GREAT, it definitely shows what real Metal was in the early 80's, it has the power, the melody, speed & aggressiveness that were defining the style ! One can feel how much with passion & rage it is performed ! I still wonder why labels have ignored them at that time ! Don't be afraid to get your hands on this release if you're consumed with the old-school heavy-metal spirit !!!
About the bonus-songs, they're taken from rehearsals & live-shows between 1983 and 1987... as the label stated it "for die-hard fans only", 'cos the sound here is not always good... but on the other hand, some songs have never been released so far, and for those die-hard fans, I guess this is a priceless intention !!! Well-done from Emanes Metal Records !
Before putting an end to the review, EXCALIBUR got reformed in 2008... let's hope they'll release an album very soon !



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