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SOLACIDE "Baptized In Disgust" CD
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Written by Fab   
Friday, 09 July 2010 14:27



SOLACIDE are a band hailing from Finland that got formed in 1996. "Baptized In Disgust" is the band's fourth demo and define their style as melodic black metal.... My first thoughts were "Oh No ! Another crappy BM band - as one can get tons of them nowadays..."... But from the first notes of the first song "Disgust", I realised I was wrong... and then was very impressed by the strong band's personality, technical skills and abilities in creating insane & disturbing atmospheres with the use of many melodious breaks, all more or less unexpected... Vocals are Black-Metal rooted with some Death-Metal touches, even if from times to times, clear ones appear here & there... which diversify the band's style and make it richer & stronger.  Guitar works (and more particularly guitar-solos) are definitely awesome, the guys have a very good level and their solos are passionate, composed with much talent & intelligence ! SOLACIDE goes beyond all the melodious BM bands, they're on a higher level ! What they create is simply impressive ! When I see all the uninterested craps in the extreme-metal genre getting record deals, I really wonder why no label shows interest in them... that's not fair at all ! If I had to name some bands names to give a better idea of their music, I'd say they mix the best of bands like EMPEROR, IMMORTAL, CARCASS, AT THE GATES, DISSECTION...Nothing less! But moreover you have to think the whole result is very personal and no copy-cat in no way ! Get this release if you're into extreme-metal at its best !!! You can't regret this 'cos if there's something here you don't like, this means you really have nothing to do with Metal !




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