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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 10 July 2010 11:51



Yes, that's what one could call "Punk-Metal" ! Italian DESTROY EDGEBONE are taking influences from both Metal & Punk musics ! Their music sounds like a mix of MOTÖRHEAD, GBH, that's too say something sounding rock'n'roll, wild, raw, fast & straight forward ! For sure, no time for prog/melodious attempts, DESTROY EDGEBONE are here to send a massive dose of raw energy straight to your face ! This "Turbo Metal" is made of 4 songs that are all very pleasant to listen to if the aforementioned bands are among your fave ones... You can also add other bands like TANKARD, SOD, WARFARE to the list ! I guess you got the picture now ! It's raw, smells beer & other alcohol, mixed with sweat ! The guys don't take the thing too much for serious, just for the fun of it and it works well !!! This is for sure the kinda band you can't regret to see on stage, I'm sure that with such a type of music, they drive the whole audience crazy ! Try this if you're bored with too serious & too much sophisticated bands, this is the perfect alternative and if more recent bands like BLIZZARD, HAMMER, FINGERNAILS are among your faves, you'll like DESTROY EDGEBONE for sure !



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