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FIRSTBORN "Evilution" CD
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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 10 July 2010 11:53


FIRSTBORN are coming from Tampa, FL, USA and play Power/Heavy Metal ! Great, isn't it ? USA have always had some of the greatest bands of this genre, so the first infos I got on FIRSTBORN made me very enthuastic about reviewing that album ! And definitely I'm NOT disappointed ! This album includes 9 songs of the finest Heavy/Power Metal - never too fast, never too slow, mostly based on mid-tempos with always great atmospheres and very catchy clear vocals with a  bit of aggressiveness in... FIRST BORN take influences from bands like METAL CHURCH, SANCTUARY, FATES WARNING, IRON MAIDEN, SAVATAGE and delivers something heavy, powerful but always refined like on that beautiful & memorable ballad that is "Nibiru (The Destroyer)" on which vocalist Joe ROONEY does a hell of a job ! The band delivers also other songs that are really recommandable like "Demons Grave" which reminds me alot of the early METAL CHURCH (Time of "The Dark"), "Dimensional Traveler In Time" with its haunted atmospheres or "Feed The Insane" and "Repeater Of Slaughter" that are damn heavy ones ! With such an album, it's easy to feel Metal flows in the veins of the musicians, it really breathes sincerity ! "Evilution" is an album I can't recommend enough to all true-metal maniacs around !! Get this !!




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