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ANGREPP "Warfare" CD
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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 01 August 2010 15:20

ANGREPP "Warfare" CD

Abyss Records

“Warfare” is the first album from the Swedish group Angrepp after having released one demo “Prepare For The Attack”. The style of the group is raw, direct and dirty black/thrash metal. The compositions are fast. The voice is aggressive at wishes and goes well with the style and the lyrics of the songs. It is a well done album as a whole but it seems to me that the compositions are looking like one another and you cannot take out one song rather than another one. All the elements of classical black/thrash metal are here. The riffs are sharp and the rhythmic section is powerful. If you like black metal style you might like it and others who like thrash metal might also like so… try it if you want, this sounds like kinda Motörhead meeting Darkthrone meeting early Entombed !!!



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