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SLECHTVALK "A Forlorn Throne" CD
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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 01 August 2010 15:31

SLECHTVALK "A Forlorn Throne" CD


Whirlwind Records


Slechtvalk is a Dutch group which has released some months ago « A Forlorn Throne », its fourth album. The style of the group is black/Viking metal. there is a guest vocalist in the person of Erik Grawsiö from Månegarm.
Some tracks are fast with nice melodies and nice guitars lines, others are dark and heavy. The album has the benefit of a good production and even if the musicians don’t have necessarily a very good technique, the songs are for most of them catchy and lively. I cannot take out one track rather than another one as they make a coherent and nice album that’s all, but there is not anything original. Without being original this “A Forlorn Throne” is well varied between black metal songs with grunts and clean vocals. The calmest song of this album is without any doubt “Divided By Malice”. “Allegiance” contains a lot of varied melodies, a very pleasant song. Each song has its own particularity. It is a good album, pleasant to listen and even if it does not bring anything new, I still recommended it to you.



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