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AUDREY HORNE "Audrey Horne" CD
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Written by Béa   
Monday, 02 August 2010 16:05

AUDREY HORNE "Audrey Horne" CD


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Audrey Horne is a group coming from Norway which has just release its self named album. The style is a mix of rock/metal. The songs are lively with a lot of keyboards. From the first song they grab you with their melodies and the riffs of the guitars but not only, the background keyboards layers are nice to listen. But not only! The vocalist has a voice that bewitches you. This album is a good balance between slow and strong and rock compositions.
The compositions are solid with good but classic soli, the group has a good vocalist and the musicians are controlling their instruments. Just to say that the members were musicians in Gorgoroth or Enslaved.
Just to make it short, it is not an original album and you may like it or not.




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