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AT VANCE "Ride The Sky" CD
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Written by Béa   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 15:36

AT VANCE "Ride The Sky" CD




At Vance has released last year the album « Rise The Sky ».  The style of the album is still heavy power/speed melodic metal. This album doesn’t bring anything new to the style but the group is still alive after several line up changing. This eighth album is a good compromise between fast songs like “End Of Days”, the melodic “Salvation Day” one, the power with “Last In Line”, the ballad “You And I”. The compositions are not original and you might have heard several times the refrains on the other albums of the group.   You will even find some classical music with “Vivaldi, Summer 2nd Set”, which is rather well done, and the cover “Wishing well”. I think that the former vocalist fists better vocally than this one, not that Rick Altzi doesn’t sing right but it is different. I don’t know if the group is lacking of inspiration but this album doesn’t bring anything new to the group neither to the style. There’s not a song that can be taken out of the album.
“Ride The Sky” is a good album nothing more, nothing less, which will please the metal fans in general.





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