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DIVINE LUST "The Bitterest Flavours" CD
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Written by Béa   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 15:42

DIVINE LUST "The Bitterest Flavours" CD

Alkemist Fanatix Europe

The last album from the Portuguese group Divine Lust “The Bitterest Flavours” has been released in 2008. The group defines its style as a mix of melodic and melancholic metal. To that you can add some doom influences. The metal of the group is being enriched with Portuguese elements such as fado.  The music is dark, nearly at despair with violin, guitars, and female vocals, narration. The tracks are rich; you won’t find a track which looks like another one.
You’ll have speed parts which succeed to breaks, soft ones which succeed to strong ones and varied instrumentations.
Of course it is not a perfect album but the group is able to do better so if you like the style you will have to follow the group.



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