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ROZZ "D'un Siècle A L'Autre" CD
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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 16:52

ROZZ "D'un Siècle A L'Autre" CD


Promo-Rock/Brennus Music


Another old french band coming back... ROZZ had released an album during the last century, called "Une Autre Vie" in 1986... 24 years later, the band returns with a second album... I had read so much great & positive reviews about that album that I expected something outstanding... a real fist in the face but after a first listening, my opinion is really mixed... and so it goes after some more listenings... so what's the problem with me ? First and mainly I'd say the vocal parts... I think they definitely don't fit the band's style... Vocals are really too weak, they lack of power, passion & feeling... Damn, that's not Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson or RJ Dio singing here ! No, I really don't like the poor vocal style, they are most of the time following the guitar lines and after a while, it gets really boring for the listener and get the music WEAK ! I don't mean to be arrogant but on the first song (just an example) "Le Cimetière Des Fous", it looks more like a drunken punk singing than a metal singer ! It's really bad for the band 'cos the music itself is far from being bad & boring... There are some great parts, especially when it comes to guitar solos, they're mostly played with class & passion, like true heavy metal bands are meant to have them played ! Most of the songs such as "Peine Perdue", "Nocturne", "Au Bout De Ta Vie" (nice ballad), "A Toute Vitesse", "Cavale" are musically really good and should please all into bands like AC/DC, Trust, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy in their 80's period while "De Guerre Lasse" with the spoken lyrics have reminiscences of french artists like Gainsbourg or Miossec and is rather a good surprise in the album - spoken words are well at place and I appreciate this part of the vocal job on that song... To be noticed the very bluesy song  "Tu..." (probably my fave song of the album) that is musically full of feeling... Great guitar solos here and on that song, the vocals are ok and remind of Bernie (Trust) ... So in the end, my opinion is still as mixed as it was in the beginning... Musically, it's on the whole very good with great guitar parts but vocally speaking... it's mostly ruining the final result... too bad...





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