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CATHEDRAL "The Guessing Game" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:03



Cathedral are definitely no newcomers and don't need no introduction - There are among those bands that back in the late 80's brought the DOOM genre back to light ! Started musically as a doom/death band, the band's style has evolved with more 70's psychedelic rock & stoner influences and the band bring us today its brand new album - this time a double album - entitled "The Guessing Game"... A 2'25 long intro put us into the band's particular world and one can feel the concept has not changed that much, the intro is completely weird but definitely awesome ! Haunting keyboards & gloomy atmospheres with much 70's prog-rock influences - damn, this just sounds GREAT and this let you hungry for more !!! The production of that album is something to be noticed, not too polished, rather raw but it really gives to the music the necessary aura to be appreciated to its right value ! "Funeral Of Dreams" and "Painting In The Dark" are the two first songs of the album and are really pounding, heavy & doomy with much 70's rock influences & atmospheres, some breaks are totally unexpected and go right with the band's style... Cool surprises !!! Fans of Saint Vitus, Trouble, early-Black Sabbath will reach the nirvana ! "Death Of An Anarchist" (only) seems to be slower, but as far as it goes to its end, the band speeds up the tempo and delivers something catchy & very refreshing... with great vocal lines and killer guitar solos... This song kick ass ! Then the song "The Guessing Game" definitely reminds me of "Orchid" or "Embryo" both on Black Sabbath's "Master Of Reality" album... nice melodious (& weird) interlude.. This album is nothing less than what we can expect from a great band like Cathedral, that's too say quality DOOM music with their so particular touch, influenced by weird 70's prog-rock/rock... I don't think one can be disappointed by such an album, 'cos the guys know how to make it very catchy without losing their personality and without failing or repeating themselves - the whole is very varied but always coherent, from "classical" Cathedral songs like "Edwige's Eyes", "The Running Man", "Journey Into jade" or "Requiem For The Voiceless" (with reminicences from the first album), doomier one like "One Dimensional People", heavier and faster one like "Casket Chasers", some more experimental one like "La Noche Del Buque Maldito" to the simply incredible & surprising "Cats, Insense, Candles & Wine" (so rooted in the 70's that it will make you regret being born too late !!!), this is an album that will definitely be praised as an essential DOOM-rock release for sure by all doomers (& good music lovers) worlwide !




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