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CONVULSE "World Without God" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:07




CONVULSE were a death-metal band from the early 90's and this is the re-release of their album came out in 1992. The style is Death fuckin' Metal, alot influenced by NIHILIST, early ENTOMBED, CARNAGE or UNLEASHED... Nothing particular except that it perfectly reflects what the style was back in those days... when the style was emerging... expect from-the-grave vocals, gloomy, dark atmospheres throughout all the songs.... fast & doomy tempos... all the elements of the death-metal recipe are here and one can only enjoy such a release, the style is pure & authentic... This re-release comes with 6 bonus-songs, two are recorded live (one of them is "Countess Bathory" from the mighty VENOM !) and the other ones are from demo-days.. the good surprise is that the demo-songs have all a very very good sound-quality... A release to enjoy if you're into old-school Death-Metal !




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