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CRYSTAL VIPER "Defenders Of The Magic Circle - Live In Germany" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:13


AFM Records

Hell yeah, wear your armour & ride the dragon, CRYSTAL VIPER have unleashed a new album ! Made of 10 songs, this album in its first part combines live-versions of songs from the previous albums like "Metal Nation", "Legions Of Truth", "Shadows Of The Horizon", "The Island Of The Silver Skull" and the awesome "The Last Axeman"... great choices not only because these songs are among my fave ones of the band but because I think they perfectly represent the band's style - it's heavy, catchy, melodious and all are pure anthems to Metal Warriors ! Played live, they all get another dimension and make you feel like shouting out loud the lyrics ! Recorded last year in Germany, this is without a doubt something that will please all true METAL warriors wordlwide ! The sound is not too polished and really gives back the feeling of that live-experience - close your eyes - you're in the crowd ! Needless to say the songs are played with much class, power & feeling ! Second part of this CD includes an unreleased song called "Secret Of The Black Water" to be featured on the band's next studio album ! Can't say the song itself is something unexpected, that in the tradition of Crystal Viper, nothing more but nothing less - expect hi-class heavy/epic/power metal with Marta's enchanting voice ! Other songs are "The Wolf & The Witch" taken from the vinyl 7'EP released on HIGH ROLLER Records - first time on CD ! This one is definitely HEAVY & really kicks ass ! "Stronghold : Under Siege" is another jewel you can find here... there's no word to describe this song, try this by yourself, you'll be amazed ! CRYSTAL VIPER ends the CD with a coversong from VIRGIN STEELE called "Obsession (It Burns For You)" - a pure classic Epic/Heavy Metal anthem !! If you dig bands like Running Wild, Lonewolf, Rampart, early HelloWeen, Manilla Road.... you will love CRYSTAL VIPER ! Up The Hammers !!!





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