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OVERKILL "Ironbound" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:29




OK I admit.. I was a bit scared about the new OVERKILL album.... I was afraid they would bring another tasteless thrash album like EXODUS did recently (that's my opinion, I don't like their kinda metal-core/groove metal orientation AT ALL !) - but HELL NO ! This album is something you can't absolutely miss ! This "Ironbound" has the benefit of a very clean & clear production but doesn't sound too modern at the same time, it really gives much power to the songs that are definitely old-school oriented ! One can feel the rage, the power, the passion throughout ALL the songs, this album is made of blood, sweat & guts for sure ! Musically this ranges from Iron Maiden's influences (listen to the break in "Ironbound" and that awesome guitar !), NWOBHM touches to pure thrash style à la Slayer/early Metallica ! "Bring Me The Night" is one of the best songs in my opinion with its Motörhead-charged riff, this song is relentless and hits like a hammer ! A "Hammer"... yeah, that's the overall feeling I get when listening to that album, from the beginning to the end, it lets no rest and for the biggest pleasure ! This is a very rich & diversified album, always many tempo-changes & breaks, more or less expected, all songs are very interesting, played with much class & talent and they all keep the feeling RAGING ! Guitar solos are definitely all amazing, both guitarists are doing a hell of a job, as well as the rhythmical job that is really catchy ! Bobby's vocal style is still the same, particular for sure but always right in place & catchier & stronger than ever - 25 years after the debut album, the guys still have BALLS and know how to THRASH the right way ! If you still don't know Overkill, get that album as it is for sure an essential piece of their discography ! THRASH with CLASS !!!!




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