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SHOTGUN CURE "Depravity Unleashed" CD/EP
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:32


FUELED BY FIRE have one song called "Thrash Is back" and I think those guys are RIGHT ! I can see more & more bands worldwide holding high the flag of THRASH METAL, played in its purest tradition, originated by bands like Exodus, Testament, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica in the late 80's ! This time the newcomer is named SHOTGUN CURE, formed in 2006, hailing from Toronto, Canada... After some line-up changes, gigs & intense rehearsals, the dudes have unleashed in 2009 a first EP/CD entitled "Depravity Unleashed", made of 5 songs that definitely show a band with great ability & big potential ! Their style is classical US thrash metal style in the veins of early Metallica, Heathen, Exodus and Megadeth... catchy, fast, aggressive with always an interest for melodious breaks & tempo-changes here & there... The whole sounds really HEAVY and I'm impressed by the musicians & their technical skills & abilites in composing killer tunes as the ones here ! ... Their young age make me think they really worked hard to reach such a level which for sure proves their motivation ! "Sustainment" is the opening track of the release... short intro and immediately, I can say it "thrashes" hard !!! Very precise guitar riffs, cutting like razors making me think of bands like Megadeth & Metallica mainly... Also the vocal style reminds me of a cross between D. Mustaine & J. Hetfield on albums like "So Far, So Good..." or still "Ride The Lightning"... Maybe in comparison, this lacks a bit of power, but this has no bad influence on the music... the result is really ok ! "Exercise This" shows that first song didn't happened by mistake (haha !) and shows ever more surprises ! It's faster, raging & have more of Dave Mustaine influences in the vocal style ! That potential is also confirmed when listening to the other songs... Great guitar riffs, neck-breaking rhythmicals, very cool aggressive vocal style... definitely I can say I'm impressed ! This band has a great potential and it'd no surprise to see them releasing a great album soon !!! If you like technical/class Thrash Metal, go for it !!! You can't be disappointed !



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