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UNLEASHED "As Yggdrasil Trembles" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:35




Swedish veterans are back ! Who could have imagined back in the late 80's when the band was contaminating the underground scene with its demos & 7"Eps that they would still be active 25 years later... active ? Yes, maybe... but heavier ? Better ? Stronger ? Probably not alot of people haha ! We're in 2010 and Johnny and the boys are still holding high the flag of what they have called "Viking Death Metal" ! Definitely from the very first notes, you know this album will take NO prisoner - awesome massive production that gives much power to the band's sound & songs ! And the songs... ? They're like weapons of massive destruction ! Imagine you're the target, one after one, they will hit you right in the face, their impact is incredible ! With "Courage Today, Victory tomorrow" as title to open this album, you definitely get an idea of what I mean and how big is the band's determination ! I know many people blaming Unleashed for playing the same kinda music since the beginning and to those I'd say "F--k You", take the time to listen carefully to the albums, I agree they have stayed TRUE to their style since the beginning but they know how to compose new songs without copying what they've done in the past and the more it goes, better are the songs... They always go a step further - not so many bands can say so, many have tried, too much have failed ! Unleashed have enough talent to keep the true death-metal spirit alive, without incorporating progressive/nu-metal, technical or folk shits to their music, they don't betray and are not here to entertain the masses ! Each song by Unleashed is made of abnegation, perseverance & boundless determination ! The titles of the songs speak by themselves... be it "Wir Kapitulieren Niemals", "This Time We Fight", "Chief Einherjar", "Dead To Me" - you know what to expect ! All the songs of this album are pure Unleashed "classics" and one couldn't expect better ones from this new album, Unleashed have put alot of blood, sweat & guts in, that's played/composed with heart & sincerity - and so far, this has always been the best recipe to a GREAT album - once again, it works ! The overall feeling of this album is a tribute to courage & perseverance... I bow down before Unleashed as of today I can't find better Death-Metal band than UNLEASHED ! Yggdrasil trembles, this will soon be your turn, poor mortals !!!



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