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ATROCITY (feat. Jasmine) "After The Storm" CD
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Written by Béa   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:52


Napalm Records
09 – 2010


“After The Storm” is the 11th album from the German group Atrocity and it features Jasmine, Alex Krull’s sister. The songs are a mix of ethnical and metal music. The songs contain great rhythms and the music has very nice ethnic or folk passages like in “Transilvia” or in “The Flight Of Abbas Ibn Firnas”, an instrumental track at guitars, but you will also find great rock and metal parts. Each composition has its own ambience, its own sensibility. The vocals are energetic and the male and the female voices are going well together. The instruments have been recorded live with the voices. The mixing of all is well done. The album has the benefit of a very good production. The group explores different kinds of music for their compositions. The ethnic, folk instruments and metal ones are going well together and the whole make nice melodies and nice melodic lines. The guitars are strong and heavy, besides the drums, the group uses also percussions    to make tribal rhythms. Moreover, the group uses string instruments. Some songs are dark or extremely dark due to the instruments like the song “A New Arrival”, but also to the feeling of the voice, you have a lump in your throat. “Call Of Yesteryear” is a well rhythmic song as well as well folk one, you cannot retain yourself to mark the rhythm. “Black Mountain” is a real rock song. “After The Storm” is for me an excellent album to listen and to listen again.




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