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M.I.C. "Out 2 Rock" CD
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Written by Béa   
Monday, 13 September 2010 17:41


Self production
01 – 2010


“Out 2 Rock” is the second album from the Chinese group M.I.C (Made In Chine) and Yvon Serre (coming from Canada), the leader of the group has five albums on his solo career. The style of the group is melodic classic rock/hard rock. You won’t find anything original, but the songs are nice to listen and cool. Besides even if some of you find them simple, they have nice melodies, catchy riffs and good choruses. It is a good album made without any pretention. You’ll find some varied influences such as pop/rock, rock, ballads, punk, some funk influences and even psychedelic. In the song “Something to Say” there’s a superb guitar solo. The musicians are good ones even if they aren’t exceptional. The vocals are good, relatively well varied, right, well at place and the choruses are giving impact to some songs.  I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the cover because we cannot say that it is a typical rock/hard rock one!!! Two clowns on the cover? Why? Maybe because Yvon used to be a clown when he was younger !
To be short ,listen before you buy it, some will like it, others no.



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